Audio Engineering & Editing

  • Dialogue Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Restoration
  • Turn-Key Production
  • Music & Foley

Our credits include horror podcasts like CREEPY, the finale of Small Town Horror (Season 4), hybrid history podcasts like Drift & Ramble Podcast and personal stories podcasts like Steve Matthews Presents. We love to collaborate with creative minds and to bring your stories to life.  Ask about our music licensing program, coming soon!

Audiobook Production

Our spacious, on-site, 7’ by 7’ acoustically treated recording space is well suited to long form narration projects. We offer directed and non-directed sessions, world class microphones like the Sennheiser 416, the Neumann TLM49 and Townsend Labs Sphere L22, editing, QC and ACX specification requirements. Our ever expanding list of titles includes The Golden Resume by Brian Robben and Moses & Son: Pioneers of Frontier Florida which were recorded and produced on premises. Your project will be in good hands from start to finish.

Voice Acting & Narration

Founder Steve Blizin has narrated projects for  independent film makers,  television, radio, educational and telephony projects.  His works appear on Amazon and His clients include Oxford University Press, the county of Los Angeles, Office Depot, Marie Callender's, Outlaw's publishing and Paul Sating Productions, to name just a few.  He can also be found on as well as many popular podcasts. He offers affordable rates, reliable service and prompt turn around times. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Puzzle Audio Productions

With 3o years experience producing audio content, Steve has worked with some of the best and brightest in broadcast journalism, audio publishers and audiodrama creators. His music compositions have appeared in broadcast media, nationally known advertisers and local promotional marketing productions.

Steve has narrated and produced content for award winning writers such as Lou Gaglia's "Poor Advice" and teamed with Fiona Thraille to produce Leslie McMurty's "Hell is for Other People," an ADPP writing competition winner.  In 2018, Steve placed 3rd in the Wyland Productions "Bomb Always Beep" sound design competition and he continues to collaborate and develop skills for compelling sound creation.

Steve writes and reviews products like sample libraries for Sample Library and creates videos on YouTube for products he owns and uses.



Next Steps...

If you are considering collaboration with an experienced audio producer for your next project, now is the time to get to work! Talk to us and let us know what you're thinking: