Our Approach

Quality. Consistency. Individuality. These are the areas where we focus our attention.  When you bring a project to our table, these will be the goals by which success is measured. Along the way, we hope to make working together fun, relaxed, collaborative and engaging.

Our Story

It started with a boom box, a harmonica and an acoustic guitar. A passion for recording audio was born. Soon that grew into a career in radio which lead to owning a production studio that continues to grow. Today it is an obsession, a lifetime passion for creating compelling audio.

Meet the Team

Robots are great and all but we're actual humans! We stress over stuff like deadlines and worry that you may not like spinach casseroles. Is this what they mean by having a "human touch?"


Steve Blizin

Founder & CEO

A 30 year veteran audio producer with an impressive collection of Star Wars action figures.


Puzzle Audio Productions

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Cheryl Blizin

Vice President & CFO

Cheryl enjoys moonlit nights, long walks on the beach and prompt payment of all invoices.

Next Steps...

Well, you've been lurking around our website for quite some time now. Isn't time you introduce yourself and see if we'd make a good fit for your next project? Go ahead. Click it.