Audio Production Services

  • Audio Enhancement & Repair
  • Music & Sound Design
  • Dialogue Editing
  • Custom Foley & Sound Effects

Hear my work in True Crime and Horror podcasts like Creepy, Jason Hill & Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, the season finale of Small Town Horror, Drift & Ramble Podcast, Steve Matthews Presents and the forthcoming FileCrackers True Crime Podcast. 

Professional Recording Studio

An on-site 7’ by 7’ acoustically treated recording space is available for long form narration projects. Directed and non-directed recording sessions are available using professional grade microphones like the Sennheiser 416 and versitile Townsend Labs Sphere L22. Our complete production package includes audio editing, proofing & QC and our productions meet all current ACX audio submission requirements.

Voice Acting & Narration

Steve's voice has appeared various projects from corporate marketing and educational programing to national and local advertisers, independent film makers, television, radio, charitable, and telephony projects. His works can be found in popular podcasts as well as in audiobooks found on Amazon and Clients include Oxford University Press, Office Depot, Marie Callendar's and Outlaw's Publishing to name a few.

We're Black Crow Audio

Since 1996

Originally created to serve business owners with on-hold marketing productions, our  services now cover broadcast media, audiobook publishing, podcast sound design and audiodrama creation. We deliver professional turn-key audio production services across a variety of platforms. Our voices and musical compositions have appeared in broadcast media, for both nationally known and local advertisers and corporate productions.

Steve has narrated and produced audiobook content for award winning writers such as The Golden Resume by Brian Robben, Moses & Son: Pioneers of Frontier Florida and Lou Gaglia's "Poor Advice." He has teamed with internationally acclaimed voice actors and audiodrama producers like Fiona Thraille to produce Leslie McMurty's "Hell is for Other People," an ADPP writing competition winner. Music and sound design examples can be found at